Hi, I'm Rick - Marketing consultant and copywriter.

Copywriting and marketing are more than just getting leads, advertising, and sales.

It's about people.

Connecting with them, understanding them, and leading them to a good decision.

To connect, understand, and lead them you need to understand their behavior, psychology, beliefs, and motivations.

This all boils down to one thing - WORDS.

Words ​are the foundation of your audience's beliefs. Their beliefs guide their actions. 

The power of words (also called copy in the marketing world) has the influence to create connections and enhances the lives of your audience through your product or service - if they're compelled to act.

Words can be so compelling, they literally saved my life in 2002 (more on that in "My Story" below). 

I craft marketing messages for businesses using carefully selected words and language based on 15 years of experience and research in human psychology, motivation, belief systems, and philosophy to position your unique offer in your market.

I've ​worked with a multi-million dollar marketing firm, high end professional services, and 7-figure businesses in coaching, real estate, online business, ​and​ health and wellness.

​I specialize in email marketing and direct response sales pages - the ​marketing channels with buttons and links for your customers to enter their credit card information.

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My Story

​If you're interested, this is how the power of words saved my life... ​

My early adult life was a disaster. In the fall of 2001, I can remember driving into Baltimore City on a beautifully clear night - but I couldn't appreciate it one bit.

Looking up at the night sky through the windshield, with desperation and anger,I asked the God I didn't believe in, "Why is this the hand you dealt you me?"

At 21 years old I felt out of control. I hated my life and even more so, I hated myself. It showed through my actions as I danced with death everyday. Any day could have been my last based on the lifestyle, the partying, the drinking, and the drugs.

The simple truth - I hated myself because of what I believed about myself. I believed I was a bad person. A failure. A piece of S#!T. And a person who hurt everyone around me, especially those who cared the most.

I believed it and my actions lived up to those expectations. I wanted a better life, freedom from my own destruction, and peace of mind. But didn't know how to escape this cycle.

-- Enter the power of words, language, and beliefs --

In December of 2001 I found myself in a rehabilitation center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It was during a group counseling session when Ron the therapist decided to focus on me. Ron was a short, skinny man in his 50s. He had a scruffy beard and longer hair. Not someone I'd typically listen to.

He started asking me questions. Personal questions about my life, family, and relationships. I opened up and held nothing back. At this point, why the hell not?

When Ron spoke to me I was open-minded to hear and listen to what he said. His mannerisms, his tone, and his voice were filled with compassion... he genuinely cared.

Within a few minutes, he had broken through all the resistance, the 10 foot wall that I hid behind, and his words pierced my soul. The simple questions, care, and concern caused a pivotal shift in my life I'll never forget.

He painted a picture I'd never believed in before. I walked out of there knowing I had the power, the ability, and strength to 'break this cycle.'

I continued to meet with Ron for the next month while staying in that facility. Ron saved my life, and he was very clear that in order to continue with this 2nd chance at life, I needed to reinforce these new words, beliefs, and actions.

​Fast Forward To Today

For the next 15 years I've continued to practice, research, and show others how the power of words can transform lives.

The words ​we use connect deeply with ​ourselves and others. When carefully crafted, they can be the most powerful vehicle to ​persuade people, to serve them, and to enrich their lives.

Overcoming personal struggles and internal conflicts are at the core what motivates me. It's led to a life of interest in psychology, persuasion, human motivation, philosophy, and behavior modification.

It made perfect sense years ago that I'd take all these experiences and teachings and use them to study markets and help businesses connect and influence their audiences and customers. 

If you have a business that enhances or enriches the lives of your customers, I look forward to writing sales copy that deeply connects with your audience and ​influences them to improve their lives through your products or services. 

I've worked on market research and copywriting ​with a multi-million dollar marketing firm, high end professional services, ​and 7-figure businesses in high ticket coaching, online businesses, real estate investing, and digital products in health and wellness. 

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