The Branding Superpower To Grow Your Influence And Create More Impact

The personal branding space can be both exciting and defeating. Here’s the typical trend of emotions people experience:

Inspired -> Hopeful -> Confused -> Frustrated -> Defeated -> Consider Quitting -> Encouraged -> Inspired.

And round and round it goes. Until…

You hit a point of rapid growth.

If you haven’t hit that growth, then you probably feel stuck in this frustrating cycle.

And even after some level of success, the cycle doesn’t go away. But the proof is there and makes it easier to push through.

In this article, I’ll share with you the most powerful takeaways from a recent event I attended.

And more importantly, how these takeaways can elevate your brand to hit your next growth spurt.


5 Takeaways From Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact Event

Let’s jump right in…

These takeaways are a combination of principles and concepts either taught at the event or they occurred because of the event. You’ll notice this is a partial review of the event, but with valuable and practical takeaways you can use today.

To hear Mike's perspective after the event, he was interviewed for his own podcast and you can see it at ​

The Marketing Myth

Mike started the event and laid the groundwork with a workshop-like presentation. He pointed out how most people see marketing and think it’s the cure-all.

They believe: Good Marketing -> More Money -> Freedom -> Impact

This is a problem.

There’s a step that needs to precede the marketing – it’s the motivation.

To solve this 'missing step' problem ask yourself, “What’s the movement you want to start?”

Mike gave a few profound examples of people who started a movement, and who happened to have great marketing too. Some examples were Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, and Mother Theresa.

Maybe you’ve heard of them…

They were each great at marketing, they had compelling stories, and they created a massive movement.

But their desire to create a movement came first. Not the marketing.

Here’s something to think about: what matters to you and how do you want to create an impact?

1. Questions To Pierce Through The ‘Why’

You’ve probably heard that you need to have a ‘why.’ You need to know your ‘why.’ To be frank, I get sick of hearing all the ‘why’ talk.


And thanks to the workshops, I know why I’ve felt this way.

It’s been difficult to find this elusive yet powerful ‘why’ everyone talks about. But during and immediately after Influence & Impact it became  clear.

Mike asked three specific questions to get to core of what really matters to each of us. The one question that had the most impact for me was, “What breaks your heart?”

How simple is that, right? Well, it’s not always easy to answer though…

One of the reasons an event is so powerful is because of the energy and the atmosphere.

Right from the start there was an encouraging and compassionate vibe in the room.

This gave everyone permission to get vulnerable enough to really dig deep. To really discover what pisses them off and what breaks their heart.

And it worked.

Mike worked with a few people live to get to the core of their ‘why.’ Seeing other people go through this process was helpful.

This was my process, and I hope it helps you work through yours:

Through my own struggles with self-worth, depression, believing in myself, and having the confidence and courage to push forward, it breaks my heart to know that others go through the same thing, without knowing there’s a better way.

It pisses me off that these struggles are stigmatized and between our own egos and society, it keeps people imprisoned within their own skin.

I've decided to focus my copywriting and marketing services in industries that target and help people… just like me.

People who can use a shift in their mindset. A different perspective. To learn how to feel good about themselves and find their purpose in life.

People who have the slightest desire to grow and improve their lives.​

As you can imagine, this clarity has been exhilarating ever since…

Takeaway – Ask yourself what breaks your heart, and dive into it to explore your ‘why.’

2. What Does This Have To Do With Branding?

So, you may be thinking, “what does this have to do with branding?”

The short answer – EVERYTHING.

We’ve been discussing purpose.

To take it a step further, Mike asked another powerful question on the last day. It ties directly back to your ‘why’ and purpose.

He asked, “Who will miss out if you don’t fulfill your potential?”


So when Val Brown gave her keynote (she’s an Emmy Award Winning Producer and may know a thing or two about this), she was clear that knowing your purpose is vital to how you ‘show up.’ She talked a lot about your brand’s image and presence.

This is more than shirt color, makeup, and lighting, although they’re important. It’s about connecting your brand to your audience.

Our presence is something that is intuitively sensed. When our purpose is aligned, our presence is that much more powerful.

To see how Val Brown helps people create a powerful presence, she’s got a great resource at

Takeaway – Identify what brand style you want to project (confident, reliable, creative, spiritual, flexible, spontaneous) and align it with your purpose.

3. Transform Your Brand Into Opportunity

The event had a very logical flow from start to finish, similarly to these takeaways.

Looking back, the event's flow looked like this:

Purpose -> Presence -> Presentation -> Positioning -> People

That puts us in the Presentation part of this process.

How’s that for alliteration?

Dr. Michael Hudson gave everyone a drastic shift in their mindset and approach with his talk.

Learning his subtle shifts in how to think about and approach clients was invaluable.

For example, instead of trying to sell ourselves, we should sell our message. The message is the transformation. The message is their solution. Not us.

I can’t wait to listen to the recording because of the simple but powerful frameworks he provided throughout his talk.

Find out more about Michael Hudson at either or at his podcast “Get Your Message Heard.”

(As a side note, I believe Mike Kim will be offering these recordings. I’ll send an email to my list when they’re available) Sign up here or download the guide at the end of this post.

Jennifer McClure presented next about how to get paid speaking gigs. As a full-time paid speaker, she gave a ton of insights about how to start getting speaking gigs, get paid, and how to avoid wasting your time with certain speaking organizations.

Jennifer also gave tips about how to structure your speeches. Not surprising, it includes using a story – “the magic ingredients” to a good speech.

I love it when a speaker gets people thinking differently, and Jennifer certainly delivered. She said if you’re looking to get paid speaking gigs, you don’t market yourself as ‘a speaker.’ Anyone can learn how to speak.

Instead, own the identity that you are an expert or thought leader, who happens to speak. Your expertise and the transformation is what they are ultimately paying for.

You can find out more about Jennifer at either her company website or her page

Takeaway – There’s a subtle theme in both Michael and Jennifer’s message, and it points to the audience. What they’re essentially saying with their insights is understand your audience and your clients, and speak to their needs – not your wants. 

4. Show Me The Money!

To continue serving our customers, we need to make an income. We need to turn that presentation into more profits. And as the catchy phrase goes - passive income.

We do this by selling products and services beyond speaking and consulting.

The next presenter was Kary Oberbrunner. Kary is a genius in creating product suites. He’s written multiple books and turned them into 6-figure businesses, each.

Kary made mistakes in the beginning like most people starting out. But he’s learned the ins and outs of publishing and how to turn a book into a business.

He gave the inside scoop on writing books, creating programs, and being very strategic while doing it to save time.

He gave an elaborate breakdown of how to create 18 income streams from writing one book. The book establishes authority as a published author and passively shows the reader what you know, while also helping them (if it’s a valuable book).

Kary is full of profound 1-liners, and my favorite was “Instead of looking for passive income, look to create passive impact” (paraphrased).

Money follows impact and value.

You can find out more about Kary at

Takeaway – I didn’t talk about it, but one of Kary’s key messages is that “The area of your deepest wound is going to be the area of your greatest impact.”

The biggest takeaway from Kary’s presentation, although it’s a close call because his strategy for product development is genius, is to learn how to talk about overcoming your biggest pains as it pertains to your business and customers. And be courageous enough to publish.

5. How To Reach Your Audience

Jody Maberry presented next. As the co-host of the “Creating Disney Magic” podcast, and after running about a dozen other podcasts, he’s seen first-hand how they can transform your brand.

Creating a podcast not only sets you apart as an authority and shares your expertise with an audience, it also helps you get crystal clear on your message. Which is something most brands struggle with from time to time.

Jody gave insights to why most podcasts don’t last beyond 10 episodes, and gave us great topics for the first 5 episodes if you want to start a podcast (which is another stumbling block for most people).

To find out more about Jody and how to launch a podcast go to

And now for the ‘feel’ of your brand. Jason Clement is a designer, the best designer that I know, and he actually presented. It’s tough to find a designer get out from behind their workspace, much less speak to an audience.

Jason gave practical guidance for designing logos, web sites, and to make the process of using a designer go smoothly.

As a non-designer, I had no idea so much thought, intention, and detail was needed.

And especially the foresight to predict how it will be used in future projects.

After Jason’s talk, I realized that a good designer doesn’t just make a catchy colorful logo.

A good designer is also a good marketer and a branding expert.

Find out more about Jason Clement at​

Takeaway – Your audience needs to hear from you, and they need to hear what you know. Podcasting is just one channel to connect, but connecting through sharing your knowledge builds both trust, and authority. So, hit publish.

6. Bonus

I can’t talk about the Influence & Impact event without mentioning the most valuable thing I personally got out of it.

And you can use it too, even if you weren’t there.

A lot of people will go to business events for networking. They go to get leads.

I had a couple people ask me in passing, “have you gotten any leads?”

It’s a common, caring, and easy question to ask.

But I was actually shocked at how I responded. The question itself really threw me off.

It made me realize that because of the atmosphere and the attendees at the event, meeting people had nothing to do with leads.

It was about relationships. It was about human connection. It was about inspiration and encouragement for one another. And it was about paving the way to make a difference.

Takeaway – Seek to serve, not sell. And to serve you must be INTERESTED in others, their goals, and their challenges.

After all the branding strategies, principles, and tips, the real superpower lies in the relationships. The people.

Building strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships isn’t always intuitive. At least it wasn’t for me. I wish I knew then what I know now. I’m positive I would have saved thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of time.

If you want to know 5 tips I wish I knew when I started this journey, they’re included in the download below.

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