Customers See Through You Like X-Ray Vision

A parasite seeped into my soul and psyche. It still eats at me every day. You know who I have to thank for this?

A mentor who first opened my eyes to the possibilities of owning a business.


But selfish intentions almost killed it (the possibilities, not the parasite :-))

Owning a business never seemed possible for someone like me. It was never even a consideration. It seemed too good to be true.

The 'skepticism alarm' was sounding off. Was this mentor trying to sell me something? What was in it for him?

It turns out, he's just a man of his word who aims to be of service to others. ​

This sparked an interest in learning about online business, success, and 'passive income.'

Like many of us, I then dove head first into Podcasts, blogs, books... all of it.

Make $1,000 of Passive Income Per Month

At the time, niche sites that made affiliate income were still popular. The concept behind these sites was to drive traffic to a website then sell someone else’s product on that site. These sales would earn you a commission. It's commonly termed 'affiliate marketing.'

I remember listening to a podcast where the guest said he worked his ass off building a web site for 2 months, and because of the traffic that site generated, he started making 1,000 dollars extra a month, passively!

This’ll get someone’s attention. And it got mine.

I'm a hard worker, and proven I can commit and hustle if there is a goal in mind. This niche site seemed to be within reach.

Another popular topic topic at that time was the notion of 'networking.' Building relationships. Then working together and collaborating with each other. Growing together.

Sounded good to me.

So, off I went. Reaching out to random people to 'connect.' And following the instructions on various blogs to figure out my 'customer avatar' and which ‘niche’ to focus on.

When You Lose Your Mojo...

10 days in... and I quit. Completely lost interest.

But why? This didn't make any sense.

Working hard was not the problem. After all, putting in 55-75 hours a week between work and college was the status quo. It didn't make any sense.

That is, until I realized what principle was actually in the driver's seat of my life. I wanted more money. Everything was about more money.

Reaching out to someone to connect was really reaching out to connect to a dollar. Not a person.

Hitting A New Low

Realizing this was a humbling punch in the gut. How did I end up here? I've spent most of my adult life trying to make spiritual principles a top priority.

If this has happened to you, whether it's money, fame, material things, relationships, or spirituality that got you tripped up, you probably realize these set backs are a part of growing and learning.

Even so, it still feels like you've stepped back into spiritual bankruptcy.

Taking A Step Back

This blow sparked a needed step back from all the success and online business content and it was time to dive into personal development. Some inner work was in tall order.

You know that guilty, on the verge of shameful feeling about yourself? That's where I was.

After spending months seriously evaluating the important things in life, and how life should be designed, new principles began to emerge.

Principles of service, value, relationships, and human connection took over.

Magically, or not so magically, those principles began running the show. They took the wheel. And the commitment, persistence, and hard work that was missing naturally followed.

Your Principles And Your Marketing

When you write and create marketing material for your customers, if your principles aren't aligned with what's best, for both you and them, they will see it. People are more intelligent and intuitive than we give them credit for.

It could kill your marketing before they even get a chance to see your offer.

It doesn't matter how persuasive, punchy, or powerful your copywritng is.

And it doesn't matter how much of an expert they think you are.

If they don't trust you, you've already lost them.

You can only hide the principles that you actually operate under for so long. Their exposure is inevitable.

How To Stay True

Most people have a decent level of self-awareness. But these things creep in over time, slowly, stealthily, and sneakily. It's important to catch it before it rules and ruins your business and your relationships.

Here's one thing you can do to 'check in' and check yourself...

If you don't know this already, I'm a big proponent of asking questions.

A good question is often stronger and more valuable than a great answer.

Here it is: Simply ask yourself, who have I helped today?

I know it's stupid simple, but it should not be overlooked. Be vigilant against these subtle but destructive tendencies.

If you haven't helped anyone yet, send a message, an email, make a phone call, or give someone a compliment.

It's the little things, the small steps, the daily progress that will make the significant changes we seek. It's OK to start small... and even stay small when it comes to daily, regular progress.

Another practice that has drastically helped me, and many of my friends, stay focused, aware, and vigilant in our principles is reading and listening to books.

There are quite a few classic, must reads if you want to stay aligned with your virtuous principles.

Want to know the top 5 book recommendations that have helped me battle and overcome addiction, self-centeredness, depression, and helped maintain an 'attitude of servitude' in business?

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