How Buddha Can Fix Your Marketing

The biggest obstacle between your copywriting and your sales is... YOU. Take a 2,500 year old philosophy and use it to write better copy today...


Buddhism is fascinating. Not necessarily the reincarnation thing - I don't pay much attention to that.

I'm talking about the more tangible Buddhist philosophies.

Which, in a nutshell say don't get attached to things, people, beliefs, or really much of anything. When you have no attachment, you'll have no ill feelings and no bad experiences as a result.

Buddhist philosophy is aimed at meditating to remove these attachments. The result is supposed to be a suffer-free life.

If Your Copy Suffers, So Do You

When writing marketing material there is usually some degree of attachment to both the content and the result.

You either think the copy is good, bad, or mediocre. The judgement you attach to it determines how you will feel about it.

The problem is this attachment gets in the way of editing and fine tuning your copy for your prospect. You shouldn't be concerned about how 'you' feel about it. You should be concerned about how 'they' will feel about it.

Take yourself out of the equation. Remove your attachment so you don’t interfere with connecting to your customer.

Get Better Results

The other attachment is in the result. You want it to compel people to buy from you, click something, call, or sign up. If they take this action, it’s good. If they don't, it’s bad.

Again, these judgments (good or bad) don't serve anyone - not you and not your customers.

When you remove the judgment, you're left with copy that either helps people take an action or not. If it doesn't, re-evaluate it from your customer’s perspective. Even ask people why they didn't act. Change it and try again.

This becomes much harder if your judgements and attachments are mixed in. The attachments will creep into you psyche and start causing you to doubt yourself, doubt your business, and your product.

These feelings that based on the results can also cause desperation, overcompensation, and an overall lack of confidence.

All of which will hurt your business.

That's not necessary. Step away from the feelings ‘you’ associate with the results.

Buddha-like copywriting removes the biggest obstacle from your marketing - YOU.

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