Picture’s Worth A Thousand Lies

She was distraught while two white male officers escorted her off a United plane.


That was the leading picture of the article. It was an article that my wife's friend on Fakebook posted.

(Maybe you've heard the term 'Fakebook' before - I'm sure I'm not the first to think this. But the "highlight reel" of people's facebook pages has always rubbed me the wrong way.)

Anyway, back to the controversy...

'United Airlines faces another PR nightmare,' or something similar, was the headline that followed the picture of the woman and officers.

Now, I had just read this article earlier in the day. And this piqued my curiosity because I don't remember a woman mentioned in the article.

So I read it again to see if I missed something.


I didn't miss anything... except the source of the article was 'resistancereport.'

Hmmmm. That's suspicious.

They clearly made their social share a picture that would instantly get an emotional response form people who are already emotionally charged. If you go to the article itself, it disappears.

It's good marketing, except it's a misleading lie. Minor detail.

Overall, I'm very non-political. Unless people are completely blinded by their own biases. Either side. Doesn't matter.

So what to do?

My wife's friend is an amazing, loving, heartfelt person.

I questioned mentioning anything and contesting the "fake news."


[BTW, Fakebook states that a picture that misrepresents an article is fake news.]


So I asked her about. Maybe I still missed something or was blinded by my own bias...

The conversation didn't go anywhere. It was a dud. She didn't engage, and I didn't push the issue.

There was no argument. And I wasn't looking for one.

So why probe and bring it up?

Simple - to get people thinking. To break them out of an autopilot mode of mindless scrolling and clicking.

One of the greatest gifts is the ability to help someone evolve and enhance their thinking.

Socrates has always been an unofficial idol of mine, and this was who he was.

Showing people how to think better was a mark he left on the world.

The light bulb goes off

There's nothing quite like seeing a light-bulb go off in someone's eyes and mind.

This is exactly what happens with personal branding and marketing breakthroughs.

When the right questions are asked, and a business owner or strategist is pushed to critical or creative thinking, pixie dust pours from their eyes.

A new dimension of possibility is revealed. Minds and realities expand.

It's a geeky copywriting and marketing thing of beauty.

Poke, prod, pry, and pierce to propel forward.

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- Rick Marion