Simple Exercise To THINK BIGGER In Business and Life

Ever try to connect the dots of your life (the highs, lows, failures, successes, and interests) but feel like you're missing something? Try this...


2 months ago a friend shared this new writing exercise with me. He said it made drastic changes in his beliefs, his ideas, and the course of his business.

Sounds exciting right?

Yesterday morning that conversation popped in my head and I thought, “what the heck, let’s give it a go.”

So after a brief morning meditation, I grabbed a pen and my note pad, opened it to a section with for "free-writing" ideas, and began this simple exercise.

10 minutes later the timer went off, I dropped the pen, and read the chicken scratch on the paper.

As I read through it I felt myself getting more and more excited.

Two of the lines I wrote read, "Host a marketing event that brings together philosophy, leadership, psychology, human behavior, spirituality, and business to break through the dark arts of marketing. What if I could encourage more businesses to start, encourage more people to sell their products and services ethically so they and their customers can reach their highest potential?"

Where did that come from?!?!?

You're familiar with the game “Connect The Dots” right? There's a bunch of numbered dots on a piece of paper and you draw lines from dot to dot. When you're done the lines create a picture like a lion, elephant, or cartoon character.

Well, maybe you can relate to this...

You have all the dots of your life printed on a piece of paper - the devastating and depressing times in your life, the successes, relationships, passions and interests, career and businesses, etc. They're spread out all over the paper...

... but you don't know what order to connect them! Heck, you might not even have a pen to draw the lines!

What good are the dots of our life if we can't connect them? And what if they don’t have meaning?

Well, in just one day of trying this 10 minute exercise, it was like someone handed me the magical pen to connect the dots.

It helped connect what seemed like random life events and interests to a greater purpose.

I can tell you one thing - I have a new daily exercise to implement!

Its powerful and simple.

Here's how you do it:

Just set aside 10 minutes to think bigger. Write whatever comes to mind, no matter how crazy, unrealistic, or even minor you feel it might be. Write for 10 minutes. To help get started you can write the question, "How do I think bigger? What if I could..."

It's that simple.

The gentleman who shared this with me is Kevin Monroe.

He's the host of the Higher Purpose Podcast. Go figure, right?

And Kevin is getting ready to host Navigating North - an online summit full of 15 remarkable presenters, authors, speakers, and experts to help people discover their purpose in life and business.

And it's FREE!

If you don't know Kevin, now is a great time to connect with him and jump in for more tips, guidance, and insight to help you connect the dots of your life and discover your higher purpose.

Here's the link: Navigating North Summit