When Your Brain Is Market-Logged, Wring It Out

The dangers of thinking you know everything about your market. "A soaked sponge retains no water."


Sounds like it should be an ancient Chinese proverb...

An old mentor of mine once said I was like a sponge - asking TONS of questions and soaking up as much as possible.

It was a compliment and pretty accurate.

A fine quality to have.

Question for ya - Do you think you know your market?

I know quite a few people, especially those who are newer to business and who are exploring and testing their ideas, that have gone through this:

They think they know what they want to offer the world...

They think they know what the market wants from them...

They think they've found their passion...

They think they've found a skill or experience that they can sell...

It's easy to get excited and think that we've "found it."

But when you think you've found it - your "thing" - or what your market wants, I encourage you to stay flexible.

To be aware when your market-logged brain is full.

Here's an example:

Recently, I started a new marketing and copywriting project.

It's for a market that I haven't done much research in - high-end dental industry.

I have my own experience with dentists, but I usually try to block them out.

After all, those memories are not like a remembering an old friend, a birthday party, or good times with friends.

Actually, it's more like bracing yourself for car accident. They say "don't be tense... relax... or you're doing great..."

Like an accident about to happen in a parking lot - slowly anticipating the inevitable as the dentist's drill slowly approaches your quivering mouth...

Yea, relax. Can't they make the noise of the drills not sound like a horror movie?!?!

Anyway, the dental industry is a new market, new customer, with new benefits and new pain points which means the inquisitive nature needs to be on the up-and-up.

Here's the tempting part - to just rely on what we already know and think about that market. To assume that our needs, our experiences, and our struggles are the same as everyone else.

Not a good approach.

We need to create room and space for research. Open our mind and realize there's more to understand.

Even if we're the type to soak everything up, and learn as much as we can, we need to remember to 'wring out the sponge' and learn more.

Even when we think we know enough.

​One Method You Can Use To Gain More Insights On Your Market

Here's a great "boots on the ground" way to get market research, even if you're familiar with your market:

- Amazon Reviews.

Take a look at books in your industry, and look through the reviews to see what customers are saying.

The good, bad, likes, dislikes, needs, and benefits. Take note and use it your marketing and copywriting.

And don't forget, wring out the sponge!

Keep you're finger on the pulse of your market. And if you're a dentist, that pulse is probably pretty fast from poor saps like me.

Don't have time to do your own market research? Don't know how to weave it into your marketing and copy?

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