Want to know how to write 'emails with influence' to re-engage your

listbuild trust and sell?

If it works for the email and marketing campaigns of NY Times 

best selling authors and 7-figure thought leaders - 

it can work for you too.

(templates and examples included!)


"Rick writes top-notch sales copy. If you’re ready to make sure your business stands out from the sea of noise, hire Rick Marion today."

Mike Kim // CEO, Influence Brokers

"Before Rick, I wasted a lot of time writing copy that wasn’t working. He took my website and email copy from average to awesome!"

Val Brown  //  Emmy Award Winning Producer

"Rick worked with me to do market research and write launch and sales copy for a high-ticket coaching client. I would recommend Rick to anyone looking for well-researched, thoughtful, and effective copywriting."

Jody Maberry  //  Marketing & Podcasting Consultant

When should you outsource your copywriting?

This answer may surprise you but... 

Not until you've learned how to write your own copy!

Writing sales and marketing copy is one of the most dreaded tasks for business owners. From sales pages, product pages, welcome emails, lead generating optins, sales funnels, thank you pages, and weekly emails (you are sending at least a weekly email to your list, right?) the list just goes on and on.

It's a pain!

It takes a lot of time.

And you don't know what to say or how to say it half the time.

It's very tempting to hand it over to a professional. 

This is dangerous. You may find a cheap writer. But writing high converting copy takes a lot of time and research, so you've got to wonder "why are they so inexpensive?" 

Or, you spend thousands of dollars on email campaigns, sales pages or web copy and now you're dependent on that copy because you're not a 7-figure business yet.

This is stressful.

There's a better way. It's not the 'easy' way, but you'll thank me months from now when you save thousands of dollars, learn a valuable skill for your business, and most important...

...you won't be dependent on someone else for your sales message and income

Your first step - learn the basics. And the best place to practice is with email. It's personal, it's typically not 'stuffy', and best of all - you can test it and find out what's working right away!

"The 5 Ingredients For Emails That Sell" is designed for you to start improving your copywriting immediately. It's the result of years of study and working with NY Times best selling authors and 7-figure thought leaders in high-end coaching, health and fitness, real estate, personal development, and professional services. 

Whether you've been writing your own copy for a couple years, or your just starting out, "The 5 Ingredients For Emails That Sell" will give you new templates and ideas you've never seen before (well, I've never seen them). 

Get these tips, templates and examples below to spark new ideas, build trust with your audience, and generate more sales.

"After only a couple of conversations, Rick had understood our brand and was able to deliver high converting copy. He worked under tight deadlines and delivered ahead of schedule. There was little need for revisions because he nailed it the first time around."

Chris Rainey // Digital Marketing Consultant

"Working with Rick was an absolute pleasure because not only did he write powerful email launch copy for me, he also kept me informed and up-to-date the whole time, never missing a deadline."

Neal Samudre //  Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

"I don't know how you made this happen... but you knew just the right questions to ask and offered ideas I didn't even know existed or were possible. I have expanded since our last conversation and I'm actually booked at the end of October into November now."

Lois Anne Smith // Author and Certified Medium

"Rick's thoughtfulness and heart for serving others is an example for all to follow. I wholeheartedly endorse Rick and know he will serve you well."

Mark Oakes // CEO/Founder, Concentric Security

You don't have to waste hours writing emails that get ignored and deleted.

These 5 ingredients are proven copywriting techniques designed to engage your subscribers, build trust, or sell - every time you hit send.

(templates and examples included)