The #1 Reason Copywriting And Marketing Fail Is Because People Ask Their Spouse, An Employee, Or Their Mastermind Group For Feedback

I know how frustrating and time consuming it is to write persuasive, compelling, powerful copy - especially if you're just 'winging it.'

I fumbled my way through it at the beginning. And far too many business owners are doing the same because...

Most people don't understand written sales structures, sentence rhythms, and how to take the reader on a guided emotional journey.

It's the blind leading the blind.​

Maybe you know what it's like to stare at the words on a screen and have no idea what to do with them.​ In the beginning, I sure did. The words turn into a blur of frustration that builds and builds, and then that little bit of doubt begins to whisper, softly in year ear... "what am I doing?"

This time spent agonizing over what to write is wasted. Gone.​ And without any guidance, to make it worse, there is little to no improvement. The next time it's just as bad, confusing, and frustrating.

​That's the wrong way to write strong copy for your marketing. Here's the right way:

3 Things Will Rapidly Progress Your Copywriting Skills (they have for me)

1. Working with a mentor who checks your copy and who forces you to breakthrough barriers and improve everyday.

2. Studying in great detail exactly what's behind effective copywriting. Not just copying it. Actually breaking it down to see how each word contributes to the messaging. And dissecting what's going on behind each sentence. The persuasion and psychology behind the scenes.

3. Writing... every single day. Discipline. Focus. 

These 3 principles are mentioned here for 2 reasons. First, you need to have confidence in hiring a copywriter - these 3 skill-building principles are exactly what I've done, and continue to do. And Second, if you join me in a monthly copywriting and marketing training, it's designed following these 3 exact principles.

You don't want some guy who read a couple copywriting blogs and who now calls himself an expert, do you? 

If you want to save yourself from looking like an industry amateur, and you want your copy to pack a heavyweight punch of positive persuasion, here are the 3 services I provide for you:

Hire Me To Write Your Copy

​Whether it’s web copy, sales pages, or email marketing, I’ll write copy that snaps with energy, sparkles with clarity, and gets you results.

This is the "done for you copywriting solution." You can hand the stress of what to write, where to write it, and how to say it over to me - I'll care for your project and copywriting as if it's my own business.

Others advise against doing this. They say you shouldn't get 'emotionally involved' in your client's project. I strongly disagree. I treat your business as if it's my own. It's an extension of my business.

Because of this commitment to client success, you must apply for copywriting services, if you're interested. Click the link below to apply:

Worried your current copy isn’t cutting it? I’ll look over your marketing and ensure your messaging is clear, persuasive, and compelling.

You've written a good chunk of your marketing materials, web copy, emails, and sales pages. You probably feel pretty good about getting it out of your head and on to the screen.

But, unless you're a proficient copywriter, you may have doubts about how effective your copy 'actually' is. We've all been there, even good copywriters!

It's tough to judge your own work, especially after you stare at it for hours and hours. And while your friends, spouse, or mastermind group will give you feedback, they aren't trained copywriters, so...

If you want a copywriter to look over your project, and make sure it's clear, compelling, and concise, then click the link below:

Want to save time and money by writing your own compelling copy? ​I'll show you how to do in-depth market research, position your brand to stand out, and sharpen your copywriting persuasion skills to sell more.

If you're as driven and obsessed as I am, then you might be the kind of person who invests in yourself to master new skills. Some may call us control freaks...

Maybe you don't want to rely on a copywriter every time you write new marketing material. Or perhaps you're not in a position to pay for copywriting services right now. I get that, we all start somewhere...

If you want to master copywriting and fully control your marketing, then you don't want to take some one-time training for thousands of dollars. Who's got time to sit through hours of videos anyway? 

To really master a skill, it takes continuous practice, teaching, insights, and most important - direct feedback that will force you to get better. If you want continuous, hands-on training, click the link below: